L.A. Colors Feature – I Love Cheap Makeup! 8D

September 7, 2011

Yesterday’s Outfit Post revealed that I buy most of my clothes on clearance and many of my accessories are cheap kids’ jewelry and party favors. XD

Well, I’m just as frugal when it comes to makeup!

L.A. Colors is a brand that makes a huge variety of colorful palettes available, and they are extremely cost effective. I was wary when I bought my first eyeshadow palette of theirs at the general store for $1.50 – the colors were great neutrals that I really wanted to have for work, and I figured even if I didn’t like them I wouldn’t feel too bad for paying just $1.50 for it.

I was so surprised when I got home and used it! The colors were really accurate (looked the same applied as they do in the palette), stuck to the skin well, and didn’t fade for hours. This is now my favorite palette when I go to work or even formal events:

That white is greeaaaat. It’s so awesome as the highlight under your browbone. And the pink is so rosy and creamy. <3 The selection of browns is awesome – the creamy one in the middle is like a copper penny, and those darks are really dark.

I bought three more palettes in other colors the next time I was at the store! XD

L.A. Colors also does pretty rad nail polish, especially their line of nail art bottles, which have a super-thin applicator brush for detailed art. Most of the time I just dot polka dots over my solid-color polka dots, and they’re perfect for it. <3

Okay, so let’s try out this widget I’ve got here…

Did that work? This is EVERY LISTING for L.A. Colors’ eyeshadow palettes that I could find on Amazon. There are even some with my comments underneath – those are ones that I especially admire. <3 I also sprinkled in there the nail art colors, and some lots where you can buy all of the colors together in one big swoop.

I hope that’s super convenient for you. 😀 I think that widget is cool and I’ll probably use it to showcase other products in the future.

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Wednesday, September 7th, 2011   3:48 pm
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  1. selesson23 Says:

    In this economy cheap makeup is the way to go.