Let’s Play Hatoful Boyfriend Part 2

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Useful Link: Download Hatoful Boyfriend here!


If you remember from last time, we left off about to select what our extracurricular activity was going to be!

We are doing this.  I’ve got bad vibes from the doctor, but he’s really cute, so what’s the worst that could possibly happen??

Yuuya what the heck.  Not only is “aphrodisiacs” spelled wrong, but you sound totally suspicious.

NEED YOU EVEN ASK?  Open drawers are an invitation.  Snoop, snoop, snoop!!!

OHGOD NINJA DOCTOR.  Thankfully he calmed down a bit when he learned I actually worked here…  Whew!  Off the hook for now, but why do I feel like that was such a close one…?

Okay Shuu some of the things you say are just scary.

By the way, Bani-chan lives hunter-gatherer-style in a cave.  Why are houses off-limits to humans?  I’m not sure if we’ll find out during this playthrough…

Field trip!  Let’s chat with our friend Ryouta.

What friends are for.  If your friends try to tell you otherwise, eat their lunches anyway.  It’s how you show them you care.

Another day, another sporting event I guess.

Sorry, I don’t do physical activity.  But maybe Bani-chan can hook up with the hot doctor in the first-aid tent!

…Or maybe Yuuya will be there instead.

Ah, see, Bani-chan and I are following the same train of thought after all.  Whatever is Dr. Iwamine up to, though?  Anyway, Bani-chan spent the Sports Festival patching up damaged doves with Yuuya.

Summer already? How time flies.


The first semester is getting wrapped up now – it won’t be long before Summer break!  How will Bani-chan fare before the semester ends, and how will she spend her Summer?  FIND OUT NEXT TIME…

Useful Link: Download Hatoful Boyfriend here!
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