Let’s Play Hatoful Boyfriend Part 3

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We last left off with our heroine looking forward to the last week or so of her first semester at St. Pigeonation’s.  Let’s see how these final days before Summer break play out!

Here’s a chance to score one more shot at the Doc before the semester’s over!

Well, at least he’s actually here instead of Yuuya. I wish he would be happy to see me. ;~; This Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy music isn’t helping us confirm his mental state at all…

Oh oh! A chance to redeem ourselves! Yes, Iwamine-sensei, I came all the way to the infirmary just to hear your –

…What. He sounds like who?

…Unsure if I should be flattered or frightened by that comment… Bani-chan was kicked out, but he doesn’t sound like he hates us any more.

Today is a Summer festival. Let’s check it out!

The wishes that you find on the tree are indicative of which birds you have the highest relationship levels with currently. Papyrus, Yuuya? Really? But even his ‘handwriting’ isn’t as bad as Nanaki’s… who seems to have confused his wish with some other scrap paper of his. Shuu’s message wins the whole day, though.

These are, believe it or not, Bunny’s choices for her own wish. Just what kind of festival is this, anyway?!

Back at school, Ryouta hooks us up with some juicy gossip. Wait… students turn up as WHAT?! Why does my hot doctor have to be so darn suspicious?? Well, let’s continue on our way to the infirmary.

Something’s going down…

What?? Yuuya is lying and trying to get me to cover for him! I care for the doctor more than I care for defending him, but on the other hand, I don’t want to see Yuuya turn up in the school’s lunch food or writing supplies…

Hahaha forget Yuuya, that liar. I want Iwamine-sensei to like me; that’s far more important! 8D

Yay! I made him happy! Unfortunately Yuuya is probably going to end up as quill pens. But the doctor likes me!

If only real-life school went by this quickly. Before we get too excited for Summer break, let’s just make sure my help won’t be needed at the infirmary.


Sigh.  Maybe he doesn’t like me yet after all.  I wonder if I should ask about the rumors of missing students…?

Yes, it might be kind of cool if he were secretly murdering students, and even cooler if Bani-chan were made to disappear, too. Yes. This relationship is working out perfectly. Nothing to worry about at all.

And mysteriousness is sexy!  And not life-threatening at all!


Summer break is next! But does that mean we won’t see the doctor at all?? Wait and see…


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Useful Link: Download Hatoful Boyfriend here!


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  1. Yoojin Says:

    Lolol you’re hilarious XDD
    Please update, you got a follower for your walkthrough! ^^