Some Update Progress – New Pony Images and more

Whew…  Okay, so I piled a bit too much on my plate and almost burned myself out for a minute there. n_n

I jumped into the Hatoful Boyfriend guide without being finished with the other overhauls I had planned for the site, and those efforts in conjunction with the daily work I put towards my Kawaii Shopping and Finer Fashion Shopper blogs as well had me feeling so overwhelmed, I could barely accomplish anything at all!

So I’m slowing down for a bit.  Hatoful Boyfriend posts are going to be put on hold until I finish posting all of my completed pony plushes, which I’ve gotten reeeeeaaally far behind on.  There are THIRTEEN more ponies I’ve finished since I last updated!  So I’ll be spending the next day or so putting my photos of them together in neat little images and uploaded straight into the gallery that’s on this page (also on DeviantArt).

Then I’ll hurry along through Shuu’s path in Hatoful Boyfriend and get those posts up in the coming days after that!  Ideally, we’ll have the Hatoful Boyfriend posts finished with before this week is up.

And THENNNN I’ll get back to work on the other projects I’ve mentioned here and there in my posts.  The book about sewing cute plushes and things will be resumed, as well as the packages of downloadable items such as icons and wallpapers.  I still have a lot of irons in the fire, but I need to keep reminding myself not to try to accomplish them all at the same time!  Doing so leads only to exhaustion and disappointment when I inevitably don’t accomplish the far-too-many things that are on my to-do list.

So keep an eye on the Pony Plush Commissions page for the newest ponies!  After that will come all of the other fun stuff I just mentioned. c:


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Monday, February 20th, 2012   4:32 pm
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