Ninja Chicken Vs. Pirate Penguin

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March 2010

Guest art for a friend’s comic book series, Pirate Penguin VS. Ninja Chicken. These are the stars of the comic, Ninja Chicken and Pirate Penguin, who experience many nonsensical misadventures together.

The characters and their designs belong to Ray Friesen, who is a silly person. If you enjoy laughing, which most folks do, check out his site and read his comics.

It was oodles of fun drawing these characters. Their designs are completely unlike anything I could ever come up with on my own, so it was cool to experience drawing something from another artist’s imagination. The color palette and unique shapes of the characters (diggin’ Ninja Chicken’s swirly-spiky ‘do) are elements that I’d never think of incorporating into my own work, so making this was different and fun. c:



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