Let’s Play Hatoful Boyfriend Part 6

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Things are starting to get really exciting here. This is the final stretch before the very end… Readers weak of heart may want to turn back now.


Those hipster Buddhists.

Our cave has a… door… What is this mysterious parcel?


This would be kind of sweet if it weren’t so suspicious.


….. Is ………… this ………….

Most grotesque Shin Buddhist Christmas dinner ever…


Unfortunately the same can’t be said for that poor helpless chap you ate on Christmas.
Bunny Bani decides to pay a visit to the shrine, what with it being New Year’s and all.

Ladies’ clothing becomes you, Ryouta.

We encountered Kazuaki near the fortunes. Hey man, at least you didn’t EAT a chicken of ill omen.

And here’s our fortune. Blessing is a good word. Better than omen.


I like how Shuu’s automatic reaction any time we ask him what he’s doing is to ask if it’s a crime.

Oh, he’s here to pilfer test subjects. Everything’s fine! And then he leaves.

Have fun storming the infirmary!

You forgot to say “everybirdie.”

Nanaki-sensei reminds us that our junior year will be over before we know it, and that we should enjoy it while it lasts.

I see we’ve already forgotten about the creepy doctor man.

Chapter three!

I’ll remember to mark February 3rd as Legumentine’s every year from now on.

Now, you’d think the doc would go for bitter food. However, his reaction is the same for all of the beans except the Racing Blend. It’s the popular flavor this year and a little more expensive than the others, and that will be important later!

If he doesn’t like them, he’ll have my head! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHahshakdflfka

You love that stack of papers more than you love me. ;__;

This weird conversation about avian ova and test tube babies happened.

He liked them. 😀

What is happening to this conversation

Well I guess that turned out alright. At least he thought they were fascinating…?

Bunny tries to tell him what’s what, but the man(/bird) is just too crippling pragmatic for complicated holidays like Legumentine’s.

Our heroine is admiringly determined.

The romantic holiday in this universe might be Legumentine’s, but February 14 is an important day, too. It’s do or die. Well, really the only option is die. In the next post, the exciting conclusion…


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Useful Link: Download Hatoful Boyfriend here!


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