Wigs for Cosplay and Every Day

Zephyr1 is a wig shop on Rakuten that sells hairpieces in bright fantastic colors as well as for every day.

Wigs have made their prevalence known in Lolita fashion – when was the last time you saw a photoshoot that didn’t include perfectly-curled pastel pigtails? And it’s not that natural colors are an oddity either. Cascading hair extensions are almost essential to Himegyaru style. And what’s more, Zephyr1’s selection of wigs are available in enough colors and basic styles that you’re sure to be able to find one that you can style to match a favorite character you choose to cosplay.

Of course, even if you don’t follow any of these street styles, wigs are great for just giving you a new everyday look to try out without fear of dying or cutting your hair. They’re really not such an oddity nowadays!

So let’s check out a few of them!

Long Wavy Wine Red Wig

Here’s a good start for this post – this wine red color is romantic and just-natural-enough that you could get away with wearing it with any everyday outfit. 😀

The length and waviness of it is great, too! c:

Straight Shaggy Rose Pink Wig

This is suuuuch a great rosy color~ ; 3; Usually I’m all about pastel princess pink, but this shade is more neutral and would work with more outfits, I think!

I wanna put a BIG OL’ BOW in it!!

Short Tussled Lavender Wig

This style is just REALLY fun!!

Lavender is always such a sweet color, but this style makes it wild!

Long Wavy Gold Wig

One more natural color to even this post out! And that’s quite a gorgeous gold.

The soft curls would fall so prettily over your shoulders~ o^o I really just love this wig a whole lot.

Long Straight Glass Green Wig

Ohmygosh that shade of green is SOOOOOO GOOD wow!!

Soft pastels just work so great in the fashion styles that I love the best… but green is a color that often gets left out amidst all of the pink and baby blue and lavender.

I really am seriously pining away for this color, and dreaming up ways to incorporate it into outfits. It would add a very different kind of “naturalness,” haha!

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Wednesday, April 25th, 2012   9:00 am
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