Sweet Homewares from Littleleaf

Littleleaf is a Rakuten shop that sells mainly the Le Sucre brand of homewares, a category that includes kitchen supplies, storage & organizers, stationery, and a few cute plushes here and there.

Le Sucre items boast sweet designs, with soft colors depicting cute animals (often bunnies) and nature.

The store just makes me all ooey-gooey in adoration. Let’s see if I can showcase a few favorite items without just melting.

Le Sucre Tin Cases

This is a good example of the kinds of designs the store specializes in.

These colors. ;_; They’re so… gentle.


and we know how I feel about bunnies.

Le Sucre Sandwich Box

I think these look big enough that you could fit some other snacks besides sandwiches in there. n_n

I wanna go on a little picnic or something carrying my lunch in this. ; 3;

It also folds up to be really compact once you’ve emptied the contents – clickthrough to see!

Le Sucre Page Markers

I wish I had these in college. They’re waaaay cuter than using sticky notes to mark textbook pages and study notes!

Le Sucre Mascot Phone Strap


if I ever get a nice phone, I am going to just pile on the ridiculously cute phone straps.

Rilakkuma Bento Bag Drawstring Purse

Okay, so here’s a non Le Sucre thing just to show that Littleleaf sells other brands, too.

Rilakkuma is a kawaii icon on par with Hello Kitty, and this print is featured on a drawstring bag you’d use to carry your bento around in.

Once again, feeling very tempted to go on a kawaii-themed picnic…

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