Cute Tamagotchi Finds on Ebay!

You remember Tamagotchi, don’t you?? What you might not have known that it’s still around, and has quite a franchise running for it in Japan! Not only are toys (including virtual pets) still in production, but there are also a couple different anime series and a movie!

I just adore these cute critters and the crazy, colorful world they live in. o^o I really admire the art style in their toys, Flash game spaces, and cartoons. I hunted down a handful of items available on Ebay to showcase just how fun these little Tamas are!

We are also trying something new layout-wise here! Love it? Hate it? Comment and let me know~ o3o

(Also available in lavender!)This is the ultra fabulous Tamagotchi ID L, the latest toy available in Japan. The screen is in full color and there are more characters available than everrrrr before!

Note that the language will be in Japanese! Take care when thinking about buying it.

Hopefully we’ll see a color Tamagotchi on our shores someday soon. :3 And hopefully it will be as blinged-out and fab as this.

Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 3There have been several Tamagotchi video games, and this one on the Nintendo DS is the most recent.

The Corner Shop games are mainly mini-game driven, but there is quirky craziness to the art style as is the norm in Tamagotchi land.

Hmmm… I might have to check this game out. It’s giving me inspiration to do another This Game I’m Playing… :3


Lovelitchi is one of my absolute favorite characters in the Tama universe. She has a super secret magical idol identity named Lovelin, which is what this is a plush of. :3

IT TALKS APPARENTLY… I wonder what it says?? :O

I want this really bad. ;__;

Tamagotchi Tamatown Tama-Go Memetchi Purple VersionThat is a mouthful. @_@

Anyway, this is the most recent English-version virtual pet toy. They were available in stores like Toys R Us pretty recently, but I haven’t seen them there lately. ;_;

Sadly they don’t have a color screen, but there are tons of characters you can get plus a whole lot of random events that can trigger.

The cool/unique thing about the Tama-Go was that you could collect these Gotchi Figure toys that clicked on to the top of the device, and each character unlocked bonus minigames and a shop where you could buy unique items. I have a blue Memetchi Tama-Go and Gotchi Figures of Violetchi and Chamametchi – I have had hours of fun playing with them!! ^o^

Tamagotchi Tamatown Full Set of Gotchi FiguresAnd heeeeere is a listing for every single Gotchi Figure ever!! @_@

I didn’t even know about some of these! I would love to get Makiko and Kuromametchi. :O

Woo hoo!! Looking up these items was fun.

Hopefully I’ve convinced you now that Tamagotchi is totally adorable. :3

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