Fun Funky Mod Jewelry

Why bother wearing jewelry if you don’t make it fun??

These highlights from ModCloth are the sort that will score comments even just day-to-day! o3o

Lip-stick Around Earrings


Ahhhh! You simply must wear these while sporting the same classic red color on your lips. n3n

When I Sip Necklace

Would you care for a spot of tea?

I love a hot cup of tea every morning, and pay homage to my favorite relaxing beverage in any way I can! I just adooooore this sweet little necklace.

Candy Dot Earrings

What do I love even more than tea?

Any jewelry that resembles candy is an automatic winner in my book.

And it’s even better when they come in such adorable pastel colors to boot!

Neon and On Rings

These are adorable chunky accessories that could either add a splash of brilliant color to an otherwise neutral outfit, or put the finishing touch on a full technicolor display.

I don’t often wear rings, but IF I DID, they would be cute plastic ones like these.

Who’s that Ladybug Collar

It’s hard to tell from the small size of the image over there, but there are cute little ladybugs mixed in among those polka dots!

Peter Pan collars are a popular accessory in fairy-kei fashion, so when I saw these listed on ModCloth I just had to share!!

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Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012   9:00 am
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