Cute My Melody Finds on Ebay

My Melody is my very favorite Sanrio character!!

I just can’t resist bunnies. o^o They are my ultimate weakness.

Here are some cute finds I discovered on Ebay! Click on them fast before their listings expire~

My Melody Plush doll Stuffed toy 14″H

It would only be prudent to begin these kinds of posts with an adorable, fluffy plush of the mascot in question.

14 inches ain’t little! :O That’s a sizable plush right there.

My Melody Letter Set Stationery

Cute stationeryyyyyy!!

My OTHER ultimate weakness.

This letter set consists of pastel colors and cute handmade-looking stitches and embellishments (just printed on, actually – but still totally adorbz).

My Melody Lunch Box Food Container with Belt

Or “bento box,” as most of us are more familiar and perfectly comfortable calling it. XD

I want all of the world’s adorable bento boxes. o^o It would be incredibly easy to have all of your little bento accessories (oh, and food, too!) inside be Hello Kitty-themed as well.

Sanrio My Melody *RED & White Porcelain Teapot+2 Cups+Box Tea Party




My Melody 48″ Fitted Sheet & Pillow Cases & Duvet Cover 4pcs Bedding


I’m just

I’m trying to imagine this in my room, on my bed, right now.

And it’s so beautiful and perfect I don’t even know what to do with myself. ;___;

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Saturday, May 5th, 2012   9:00 am
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