Cute Games Discovered! Free to Download!

I used to spend a lot of time playing games! I don’t have so much time for them any more. ;__; But I still like to hunt down good ones! Here’s a few that I’ve found – you can download them for free!

Download and Play Jessica’s Cupcake Cafe

Cupcakes!! They’re the best.

This one stood out to me over many of the others because the art style is so nice!!

It’s a time management game. :3

Download and Play Last Heroes 4

Oh man, mad nostalgia for my RPG Maker days right now. I think this game might even use the default portraits from RPG Maker VX? I’m not totally sure on that, though.

Anyway, this is apparently the last chapter of AN EPIC RPG ADVENTURE.

Download and Play CreaVures

This one doesn’t really meet the label of “cute,” but other words I’d use to describe it are “gorgeous,” “beautiful,” “imaginative,” and so forth.

CreaVures is absolutely one of the prettiest Shockwave games that I’ve seen. Gameplay-wise, it’s a sidescrolling platformer adventure. c:

Download and Play Alpha Kimori Great Doubt Episode One

Kimori is a fantasy world of giant mecha, anime babes, and more RPG Maker graphics.

There’s a screenshot showing off the characters’ battle sprites, and I think they look great! I might be putting some time toward playing this one quite a bit. n_n

Download and Play Rainbow Web 3

Any game with “rainbow” in the title immediately grabs my attention! This game has lovely graphics, to boot!

Rainbow Village is under attack from an evil spider and ONLY YOUR PUZZLE-SOLVING MATCHING SKILLS CAN SAVE THEm!!

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