Discounted Designer (Japanese, too!) Goods at LadysOff

All right, now we’re getting into the real meat and potatoes of the kinds of shopping posts I want to make on this blog.

I adore Japanese fashion trends, and my purpose here is to hook you up with where to find them

LadysOff is a store on Rakuten that sells secondhand (but very good condition!), discounted brands, making it the perfect place to start looking for Japanese brand-name street fashion.

Mariko Oikawa Ribbon Enamel Pumps



and this

is why I love Japanese brands. u3u

La Pafait Black Hime Dress

La Pafait is one of my most favoritest brands ever. o^o (That’s Pafait, without the R you’d expect to be there. Hey, knowing the proper name of the brand is the only way to search for it online!)

Himegyaru just makes my heart all melty. ;~; How I long for the princessy life.

Tarina Tarantino Hello Kitty Pendant Necklace

Ohhh myyyy GOOOOOSSSHH!!

Are there any kawaii-fanatics out there that didn’t just DIE when Tarina Tarantino and Hello Kitty partnered up? I mean, the result was Hello Kitty with hot pink hair.

Getting jewelry from that line secondhand is the only way to get it now. :O You’ve got to grab it up when you find it!

Barbie Beige Jacquard Culottes

These just don’t photograph well, but if you clickthrough to look at the larger pictures you can see how pretty there are! Barbie has a whole line of elegant fashion that’s exclusive to Japan. ;^;

Jesus Diamante White Fur Bolero

ANOTHER of the prettiest and best himegyaru brands out there, Jesus Diamante is often featured on LadysOff~

I’ll try to share some of their gorgeous floral hime dresses when they’re listed, but they go fast! X3

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