Sweet Lolita Dresses

Sweet Lolita is the style of choice for pink-loving princesses!

These dresses from Refuse to be Usual are replicas of Angelic Pretty prints mostly, but that makes them affordable pieces for growing wardrobes. ♥

Angelic Pretty Milky-chan the Fawn JSK in WhiteI love Milky-chan. ;_; I wish they had it in brown, which is my favorite colorway for this print! ^o^ Oh well, can’t be too picky I suppose.
Angelic Pretty Miracle Candy JSK in RedThe headdress is included! That makes this a very adorable and VERY affordable matching set. ♥
Refuse to be Usual Princess Lolita Victorian Parasol Pink DressHmm, I actually don’t know the proper name or designer of this dress! n_n; I don’t think it belongs to Angelic Pretty, so I thought it might be Baby the Stars Shine Bright. I’m not sure, though.

Either way, it’s very girly and princessy! I would love to wear this and go to tea. ♥

Angelic Pretty Miracle Candy JSK in BlueWhoopsie, am I featuring Miracle Candy twice?? n_n; But it’s because it looks so darn cute in all of its non-pink colorways!

(And I’m trying to break up the colors here for the sake of the readers – if it were up to me then all of these would be pink! XD)

Refuse to be Usual Pink Maid Cafe Cosplay UniformOkay this last one IS NOT LOLITA!! OAO I just thought it was an adorable cosplay and wanted to feature it here. o^o

I am actually on the prowl for a maid uniform. But I love so many of the designs I’ve seen and have no idea which one to buuuuuuuy!! ;____; It’s so haaard!!

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Friday, May 11th, 2012   9:00 am
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