Elegant Dresses from Diva Rosa

Here’s a selection of ladylike dresses from Diva Rosa, another Rakuten store that should please followers of gyaru and ageha styles. n_n

Chiffon A-Line Dress with Beading

We’ll start this post out a little casually, but don’t worry, you’ll see just how full-blown this store’s dresses can be in the next one!

The color selection is pretty limited, but this style of dress is really cute, and chiffon is always light and flowy. ^o^

Full Bell Volume Princess Dress


Princess dress indeed.

The deep wine red one is soooo romantic. ♥

Floral Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are so popular right now! The rhinestones around the waist on this one give it extra sparkling flair!

I like that the color for the flowers is only splashed around here and there. n_n

Glitter Lamé Flocked Dress

I am in love with how subtle the black color of the overlay is over the pastel color of the dress. o^o See how you can only see that it’s black where the fabric gathers? That’s so cool!!

Ruffled & Ruched Princess Bell Dress

O3O~~ Almost a variation of the other princess dress listed above, but this one has rows of ruffles around the dress and I think the bodice is prettier!

This is what I would wish to wear to Prince Charming’s royal ball. ; 3;~

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