Glamorous Ageha Yukata from Sweet Angel

Yukata and kimono styles have changed a lot from Japan’s traditional days, as you’ll see in this post where several of them are given an updated Ageha look! I’ll also be sharing some GOR-GEE-USS traditional sets, which are sometimes worn for weddings, graduation ceremonies, coming-of-age ceremonies… If you clickthrough to those, you will see that they are veeeerrrrry expensive!! @_@

These are all from the Rakuten shop Sweet Angel, which specializes in these super-feminine, Ageha-style yukata. They also have elaborate headpieces (lots of flowers and combs!) and obi in tons of colors and styles.

Satomi Yakuwa Lavender Floral Ageha Yukata

Ooooohhh how prettyyyyyy. ; 3;

The flower print and colors are so soffft. ♥

Sayaka Araki Black Ribbon Ageha Yukata

The darker colors on this one make it a little edgier than the lavender one!

You’ll have to clickthrough to see photos of it from the back, but it’s worth looking at to see how the obi falls in poofy layers of lace!

Black-and-White Traditional Kimono

This one is VERY toned-down compared to every other thing I’m featuring here. XD

There is an elegance in simplicity, however, and the flash of white at the bottom adds some excitement. But it’s still overall very tranquil.

White-Pink Rose Full-Sleeved Kimono Set

…And we’ll jump right back into the elaborate designs with this!

This is the REAL DEAL. This kimono set is serious. It’s for weddings and ceremonies.

Weddings and ceremonies where you want to truly bedeck yourself in massive pink flowers. Go wild.

Mint + Pink Traditional Hakama Set

Mint and pink is one of my MOST FAVORITE COLOR COMBINATIONS!

Look at how sweet and lovely it is! The blossoms trailing from the shoulders down the sleeves are sooooo pretty! ; 3;

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012   9:00 am
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