Get Your Sailor Moon Fix on Ebay!

Sometimes I just like to check up on my girl Sailor Moon and see if she has any good stuff listed on the ebays. o^o

Pardon the quality of the photos here, I’m just grabbing them from the Ebay results and you know how those go…

Sailor Moon 6 PVC Figures


These figures are a little on the small side, but they’d make a great display!!

Black Lady is cool I wanna see more figures of her. o3o

Sailor Moon Princess Moon Wand Toy

Man, do I ever regret that I never got these back when they were available in US toy stores.

Thankfully, Sailor Moon being licensed again means that some of these toys are being produced again. n_n

Oh, but this listing looks to be an imported toy, now that I’m looking at the text on the packaging! :O

5 Sailor Moon 6″ Dolls with Vehicle & Motorcycle Moon Cycle

Ah, yes, the Moon Cycle. How fondly we all recall that most faithful vehicle and the copious amount of screen time it had.

I actually had two of these bizarrely-molded little dolls. :O Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter are sitting right on my bookshelf. 😀 They were among the only merch that was within my parent’s price range at the time. ;3;

We’re not even going to touch on the Pink Ranger’s motorcycle pictured there.

Sailor Moon Henshin Wand, Pen, and Stick Cosplay Props (Sailor Mercury)

These are NOT licensed products, but are replica props made by someone named Moon Justice. They’re very accurate! If I were cosplaying Sailor Mercury, I would totally love to have this set! :O

Sailor Moon Collectible Doll Set


I have never seen this set before, ever!

Those are some mighty fancy-looking uniforms!

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