Gyaru & Ageha Shoes at Moery

These kitten heels from popular gyaru shop Moery are made to turn heads!


Clear Rose Heel Sandals

Here’s a great pair of shoes that would complement any girly coordinate – there are tiny roses embedded in the clear heels!

These also show off a feature that’s very common in Moery’s shoes – the strap that holds your foot in is completely clear, fully showing off how cute your feet are with no strappy distractions! ♥

Slightly Sweet Platform Sandals

This design almost matches what you’d see in Lolita fashion, although thin, tall heels like that are a little outside of the norm.

Which makes them great for princesses who like to wear a lot of girly things!! ^o^

Dice Heel Shoes by Ellie

Here’s something a little edgier than the other shoes featured here – the heels are sculpted into little dice!! For all the gambling vixens out there.

Lace & Ribbon Heels

And we’re back in the realm of girly & sweet with these cuties!

Bows. ; 3;

Thick Clear Pastel Platforms

I loooOOOOOVE these!!

The color is just hinted at in those thick platforms.

You’d look like you’re walking on air~

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Friday, May 18th, 2012   9:00 am
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