Cute Simple Clothes from YesStyle

YesStyle is an awesome source for Japanese (and Korean!) fashion! While a lot of what I’ve been posting has been Japanese niche fashions, these are more inside the norm. That doesn’t mean they’re not cute! In fact, you’ll see it’s quite the opposite. :3

SUVINSHOP Polka Dot-Trim Gathered-Waist Dress

Look at this sweeeeeet little dress. ; 3;

I loooove polka dots!

And it’s kinda cute how there’s like a faux sweetheart top going on. 😀

SUVINSHOP Contrast-Collar Sheer Top

I had to pick this particular close-up picture so that you could see the cute little pearls! ^o^ This top is so sweet. ;_;

The other colors it comes in are so nice, too! There’s a light pink top with darker pink collar, and yellow top with blue collar. n_n

SUVINSHOP Tie-Waist Shirred Wrap Minidress

Wahhhhh this dress is so cuuuuute. ;_____;

It’s so flouncy and fun and Springy! ^o^

It’s also in a lovely pastel lavender color. ♥

SUVINSHOP Flat-Front Skirt

I know I go on and on about full skirts, and ruffly skirts… and poofy skirts… and flouncy skirts…

BUT I ALSO HAVE a lot of appreciation for pencil skirts!! They’re comfortable and slimming in a way that is totally unique to them. ♥

This comes in a few other colors, but really this sweet mint shade is just the best. ; 3;

IZABEL Pintuck-Detail Sleeveless Dress with Sash

Another super sweet dresssss!! Look at how precious. ; ^;

It only comes in pink and ivory, two super soft and dainty colors. ♥ Perfect for this style of dress, i think.

Saturday, May 19th, 2012   9:00 am
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