Random Cutesy Novelties~

We find ourselves featuring ModCloth once again today~ They have a Toys & Novelties category, which I browsed today and found this adorable little things!

No real theme here, just CUTE STUFF!

Cotton Candy Chronicles Bead Set

Oh my gooosssh look at how precious!! The FANTASTIC illustration on the front is simultaneously vintage-looking and Japanese-inspired.

And the pastel hues of the beads! Soooooo cuuuuute! Look at the little bow ones. ; 3;


Make Your Own Robot Kit

ROOOBOOOOTS!! I have always been fascinated by them. ♥ These little guys are a little colorfuller and cuter than what I remember from the sci-fi b-movies.

I think my favorite part of this kit is that there’s a few blank templates that you can draw your own robot designs on. ♥

Darcie Dot Momiji Doll

Momiji dolls have an open slot on the bottom where you can hide secret messages inside. ♥

I thought Darcie Dot was so adorable and colorful. ; 3;

Momiji Doll Keychain – Book Club Collection: Alex

Another Momiji doll~ They’re just so sweet!!

I want to give special attention to the Book Club collection, because the girls in it were designed by my buddy LuliBunny. n_n

Tokidoki Stellina Plush

I am not the hugest Tokidoki fan in the world, but I can totally acknowledge how freaking cute Stellina is.


And look at those cute little wiiiiings

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