Cute Disney Fairies Stufffff!

You guys. ;_;

I loooooove the Disney Fairies line… like, maybe more than Princesses. The movies are just REALLY pretty and the characters are so cuuuuuute.

When I set out to do this post I tried to find some of the other fairies besides Tinker Bell to feature, but I wanted to stick to the Disney Store’s site and they don’t seem to list toys or anything for anyone besides Tinker Bell. I’ll revisit this theme again though and feature some of the other characters, for sure. n_n

POP! Tinker Bell Tee

Aww cuute!!

This is in girls’ sizes unfortunately, but I can get away with buying kids’ clothes in the largest size and can fit into them. n_n;

The doodles and designs on this are SO CUTE. Look at that pudgy little Tink, d’aawww.


Disney Fairies Tinker Bell Doll

This is really pretty. oAo Look at those wings!

There’s nothing saying this doll is meant for display as opposed to being a toy, but honestly it’s so pretty that I would just have to display it on a shelf~


Disney Fairies Tinker Bell Wings

And if you’re in the mood to don some pretty, glittery fairy wings and go running around the neighborhood, you can do that, too!


Tinker Bell Figurine Fashion Play Set

Oh wow there are SOOOO many little accessories packed in there!! @_@

I’m counting five cute dresses in there, plus her little main green one. That’s a pretty nice variety.



Personalized Tinker Bell Snowglobe

And I thought I’d wrap up this post with this gorgeous little thing!!

Look at that detailing. o^o The flowers are SOOO PRETTY.


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