More Cute Undies & Roomwear

I just really love cute underthings. o^o And I have like four shops on Rakuten bookmarked that specialize in them, so that’s how we end up with so many posts on the subject…

Today I’m showing a bunch of cute babydolls!! ^o^

Ruffled Sheer Flyaway Babydoll

Flyaway style tops are always soooo pretty. ; 3;

This is sold out in most of its colors but I still want one!!


Lacy Elegance Babydoll

This is REALLY pretty!! I love the sweetheart neckline and the double tiers of ruffles at the bottom. ♥


Soft Tulle Contrast Color Babydoll

The color combinations for this one are SOOO CUTE! White with pink accents is one of my favorite color combinations on anything, and the blue-on-pink one here looks really nice, too~


Ribbon Princess Babydoll

Ribbon Princess Babydoll?? I love ALL THREE of those words!! ;___;

This is just soooooOOOO pretty and elegant-looking. ; 3; Going to bed wearing this would be absolute bliss.


Dot & Rose Babydoll Set


What with this one being opaque and all, it’s one of the most modest ones I’ve posted here today… XD

Roses always make things pretty and girly~ ; 3;


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Thursday, May 24th, 2012   9:00 am
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One Response to “More Cute Undies & Roomwear”

  1. Bunnie Says:

    Wow, those last two are gorgeous! I keep looking for cute pajamas/roomwear, and these definitely hit on the ‘princess/hime-gyaru’ side of things. I love them!