Lovely Licca-chan Dolls

Licca-chan is a noteworthy icon in Japanese youth culture – she’s essentially as popular over there as Barbie is here.

When I see Licca dolls, I see her cute little face ; 3; pretty hairstyles ; 3;~ and REALLY CUTE OUTFITS ;O;~~

Licca-chan Cinderella Doll + DVD


I wonder if that wand really has magical properties……. *o*

… ._.

In any case, you get a cute little animated short on DVD along with this doll. LOOK AT HOW PRECIOUS THE ART IS.


Licca-chan Pet Shop Clerk

That uniform is sooooo CUTE!!

There’s a whole huge line of this pet store collection… you can get a playset of the pet shop itself, and there are tons of little sets of cute puppies and kitties you can get as accessories, too!


Licca-chan Doll & Dresses Set

A super sweet gift set with three different dresses. ♥

That pink one she’s wearing is the one you usually see in illustrations of her on the official Licca-chan site and stuff.


Licca-chan Color-change Pink Polka Dot to White Dress

This pink polka dot dress is so cute, I was all set to share it before I even knew that IT CAN CHANGE COLORS!!

The description for it says it turns white when it gets warm. That might mean it changes outside in the sunlight, or maybe if you just warm it in your hands for a while.

The outfit is totes adorable either way.


Licca-chan Sweet Check Dress Doll

Aww look at that little sweetie. ;~;

I think I’m totally living vicariously through these dolls…

I would love to have all of her outfits for myself…


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