Kawaii Cell Phone Charms

Strapya-World is one of THE resources for getting your hands on cute Japanese merchandise!! They have a variety of products, including cool little gadgets and stuff, but cell phone accessories are their main thing!

Lovely Princess Corsage Cell Phone Charm




The glitter on the edges of the petals OH MY GOSH


Meow! Kitten (& Doggy) Paw Keychains

Nyan! o3o

There’s a few different varieties of this one that you have to clickthrough to see, including a soft version you can use to wipe the screen on your phone lol!


Cute Characters Lipbalm Cell Phone Charm

Wahhh! There are so many cute characters available on these. ;_; Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, Rilakkuma…

And lip balm, readily available and attached to your phone! o_o How… convenient??


Happy Spoon x Macaroon Cell Phone Charm

It’s so tiny and precious!! ; 3;

How perfectly girly and sweet. ♥


Super Cute Clay Robot


Little robots. ; 3; I can’t. They have such a wonderfully sweet handmade-looking charm to them. Their tiny little designs are SO CREATIVE!

I want to amass a tiny army of them.

Is that normal??


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