Japanese Goods & Gadgets

Okay, we know that all kinds of cool and crazy gadgets come out of Japan. @_@

One way to get your hands on the best of them is to shop at Strapya-World!

Here’s a few items I chose to feature today~

Kimagure Piyoko Chick Toy

It’s a little chicky. ; 3;

You warm the egg with your hands, and out pops this little guy! And then he says something to you. o_o

Apparently if you let the egg get too warm, or too cool, then when he comes out he will behave like a different animal instead.

That’s how baby chicks work.


Itazura Coin Bank NEW PANDA

You might have seen these Itazura coin banks before, but this new model features a cute panda!

You can also buy the kitty versions from here, as well as cute puppy ones too! ♥


Cooking Toy Collection – Home Sweet Donut Maker

There are sooooo many cute food makers here. ;__;

These donuts are cute, and so are the macarons, and the chocolates, and all of that delicious-looking Japanese food… 8Q___


USB Bobblehead Pikachu


This USB accessory bobbles and wobbles its head when you plug it in.

That’s… about it! But I love Pikachu, and I’d love to have him sitting on my desk and encouraging me to get my work done. ; 3;


Star Wars R2D2 Home Star Planetarium

o_O This is an actual, working planetarium that projects the stars onto your ceiling! Apparently even the Death Star is projected from this particular model.

This is seriously cool. That’s all there is to say about it.


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Wednesday, May 30th, 2012   9:00 am
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