Japanese & Korean Beauty Products on YesStyle~

They have beauty secrets all figured out over there. @_@

Sometimes these products can be tough to get ahold of, but YesStyle is easy to shop from!

Koji Dolly Wink Pencil Eyeliner (Black)

Dolly Wiiiink!! *o*

Dolly Wink is for sure one of the most recognizable makeup brands in gyaru and any cute & girly Japanese fashion.

Here’s a watercolor eyeliner pencil that’s a deep and romantic black~


Fits Megaholic Rubber Extension Mascara


This mascara coats your lashes with a gum-based extension to make them longer~


Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes

Pretty colors. *o*

Eyeshadow palettes in girly packaging just makes me melt. . 3.~


Bihada Ichizoku Aqua Gel Face Cream

The Bihada Ichizoku brand of beauty supplies is known for its retro shoujo art work on its packaging!

This is a lightweight moisturizer for the face~ It has all kinds of pretty ingredients, like pueraria labata root extract and rosa centifolia flower water… @_@

So if you’ve ever wanted to look like a shoujo heroine, check out this brand.


Canmake Secret Chiffon Pact SPF20 PA++

Ahhhh I love foundation powder that comes with a powder puff. ;w; You just feel so classy and girly while you apply it.

Anyway, this foundation has moisturizing ingredients~ Use it to secure the rest of your makeup, and feel pretty and girly while you do so~


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