Super Sweet Stationery & Gifts

Have you ever had the pleasure of sinking your teeth into chocolate or candy from Dylan’s Candy Bar? :Q__

Even if there isn’t one in your area, you can actually order sweets from them online! *w*


Today I felt like sharing some cute stationery and gifts that they also sell. o3o Just ’cause I was browsing the site and encountered so many of these that seemed really cute!

Scented Eraser Set – Gummy Bear

sahasjhfakfjkafla the colorrrrs ; 3;



Ice Cream Stickynote Set

My life is, like, governed by sticky notes. @_@

So I’d love to have cute ice cream sticky note pads. ; 3;

I LOVE ICE CREAM. O_O Like for real, it’s my favorite food.


Cupcake Paper Clips




Color Sweet Headbands

This is REALLY cool. You actually get to color and decorate these headbands yourself (it comes with three different ones). Ahhhh cute!!

As someone who wears a headband nearly every day as a staple of each of my outfits, I’m seriously eyeing this for myself, haha…


Arm Candy DIY Bangle Kit

Another decorate-it-yourself accessory kit. ^o^ SOOO COOOOOL. ; 3; I love chunky bracelets and I love making things and I love sweets-themed things…. @_@

I think I just… need to indulge in something sweet right now. :9


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