Kawaii Stationery

Yayyyy I’m finally featuring ShopKawaii on this blogggg!! There is sooooo much cute stuff to be found there. oAo They specialize in San-X stuff – there is TONS OF IT!!


Kamio Fairy Tale World *Story Books* Extra Large Memo Pad


Kamio Nyanko Twins Memo Pad


Sanrio Japan Hello Kitty 71-Piece Sticker Sack: Apple


Kamio Fuwa Usa Bunny Memo Pad


Kamio Alice Adventure Silhouette Memo Book


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Monday, June 18th, 2012   9:00 am
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One Response to “Kawaii Stationery”

  1. GO Kawaii Says:

    Such cute stationery!!! Have you heard about GO Kawaii?