Rilakkuma Cuteness at ShopKawaii ♥

Have I… featured Rilakkuma yet here? At all?? I really don’t remember if I have. @_@

But if I haven’t… this must be remedied at once!!

San-X Rilakkuma Squirrels 9″ Plush with Removable Costume: Relax Bear


San-X Rilakkuma Squirrels Deluxe Phone Strap


San-X Rilakkuma Bunnies 5.5″ Multi-Use Pouch


San-X Relax Bear (Rilakkuma) 3″ Plush Puppet Key Chains


San-X Rilakkuma Portable Cell Phone & IPod Holder: Little Bear in Bunny Suit


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Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012   9:00 am
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