CAFE 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~

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Game info from the developers’ site:

A girl’s spirit with no recollection of her past find herself inside Cafe 0, a mysterious Cafe in the middle of nowhere. Served with only a glass of water by the peculiar waiter, Sui–soon she realized that she is about to relive the last seven days before her death.

Surrounding her are Ami, a girl who claimed to be her best friend, Tooru, a boy who is rumored to be her previous boyfriend, and Shou, the school’s doctor?what are their connection to her past and how are they related to her death?

Will she be in peace with her past, or will she haunt the living? It is all up to you to decide.

Sui – Cancer Murakani
Shou Takizawa – Yuya Kakitsubata
Tooru Mizutani – Mato Sarashina
Ami Kawase – Nanase Watarai
Others – Nao Utsunomiya, Sayuri Misaki, Sudachi Harumi

– 6 Endings (1 Bad Ending)
– 3 Types of main character depending on your selection, complete with different costumes.
– 2 Character Paths and 1 True Path.
– 2-3 Hours Play Time.
– 21 CGs (Including Variations).
– 1 Secret Bonus when you cleared all routes.

– Title: CAFE 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~
– Genre: Supernatural Mystery Visual Novel
– Release Date: 4 October 2011
– Rating: PG-13
– Resolution: 800×600
– Play Time: Approximately 2-3 hours
– Event CG: 21 (Including variations)
– Ending: 6 (1 Bad Ending)
– Game Engine: Ren’py

Free Demo: Windows | Mac | Linux
Buy Now: Windows | Mac | Linux | NEW: iOS

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012   3:00 pm
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