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Game info from the developers’ site:

Cinders is our fairytale-inspired visual novel, ditching the passive protagonist and banal morals of the original story in sake of a more serious approach.

Cinders is an atmospheric visual novel, illustrated by Gracjana Zielinska.

It’s a story of four women and what made them who they are, inspired by the classic fairytale of Cinderella. A story about balancing freedom and dreams with circumstance and harsh reality; about growing up and finding out the true meaning of independence. Distancing itself from the judgmental simplicity of the original, Cinders tries to explore the more complex nature of oppression, responsibility and innocence.

The game focuses on characters and their motivations, and is heavy on player choices and role-playing. With 120 decision points and over 300 options to choose from, Cinders allows you to shape the main character’s personality and the course of the story.

Why it’s cool:

  • A serious take on a classic fairytale story.
  • Beautiful art by illustrator Gracjana Zielinska.
  • Tons of choices and several different endings.
  • Moody soundtrack by Rob Westwood.

Free Demo: Windows | Mac
Buy Now: Windows | Mac

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