Go! Princess Precure Figures and Toys

I have been loving the latest Pretty Cure series, Go! Princess Precure!!  Colorful magical girls and sweet friendship stories are always my favorite!!  Personally I have completely fallen for Prince Kanata. oAo  Sadly he doesn’t seem to have any merch~  BUT here are some cute finds for the rest of the princesses!

Go! Princess PreCure Cutie Figure

Candy Toy Go! Princess PreCure Cutie Figure : Complete SET

These girls are so cuuuuuute!!
Gokigenyou!! ^o^

Go! Princess PreCure Mascot Mini Figure

Go! Princess PreCure Mascot Mini Figure SET

A set of the four mini collectible figures!

Go! Princess Precure Princess Perfume DX

Go! Princess Precure Princess Perfume DX

These transformation toys are the meat and potatoes of the franchise
when it comes to the insane amount of money Pretty Cure makes in Japan LOL.
Good for cosplay or collecting!


Go! Princess Precure Fashion Hair Talking Plush Puff

Puff is possibly one of THE CUTEST magical girl animal companions of all time…
And LOOK how adorable this plush is!!  I wanna play with her hair! ;A;

Go! Princess PreCure Princess Engage Swing x5 pcs Set

Go! Princess PreCure Princess x5 pcs Set

Another set of small charms!!
They’re in different poses than the others!!

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