Favorite Miiverse Posts (Super Smash Bros Edition)

Communities on Miiverse impress me all the time – I have seen so much cool art work there!
Here are some favorites I’ve given “yeahs” to recently – I picked them from the Super Smash Bros community!

Okay, Robin as a magician is just really cool to me. The comments for this one express concern for the pigeons that were kept in the Chain Chomp’s mouth, how cute is that.

Cute Jigglypuffs playing~ ^o^

OH. That’s just harsh.

There are questions to ask about Mr. Game and Watch
wearing three-dimensional ears and a tail,
but we’re not going to ask them.


This one needed that comment included. Btw, Bunny is me!
The character this Mii is representing is Dunban from Xenoblade~

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Friday, April 10th, 2015   12:00 pm
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