Vintage Retro Peppermint Rose Items for Sale!

Peppermint Rose is one of those lines of dolls I remember from when I was SUPER little, and the line has some of my favorite retro art work, and of course roses are one of my favorite themes overall!  She always seemed like a cooler, taller Lady Lovely Locks to me~  I KNOW I still have a birthday card with Peppermint Rose on it in my keepsakes somewhere.

Here are some vintage finds for Peppermint Rose listings on Ebay!


Peppermint Rose Animation DVD


Peppermint Rose Doll


Peppermint Rose Lemon Kiss Lily Doll

The is the one my family would have gotten for me as a child,
because we are comrades in curly brown hair.


Peppermint Rose Bubblegum Violet Plush

There were lots of different styles of these plushes, too!
Are they bunnies?  Puppies?  I do not know…


Peppermint Rose Jigsaw Puzzle

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Tuesday, April 14th, 2015   12:00 pm
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