Easiest, Cutest Ponytail Holders into Two-Way Clips DIY

Hello!!  Let’s do another DIY today!!

I have these ponytails I got for super cheap (I love browsing the girls’ hair accessories section of EVERY STORE), look at how cute they are with a plastic flower in the middle (a little hard to see ’cause it’s transparent), fluffy fuzz, and long trailing ribbons!  They have always looked ballerina-like to me~


The problem is, I never wear my hair in ponytails!  So these have just been sitting in my hair accessories bin (I have a medium-sized basket full of them on top of my dresser oAo), completely unused, which is a crime considering how cute they are!

So… simplest solution ever.  I turned them over, snipped off the elastic part, and hot glued a two-way clip there instead.


With the hair clip part, they can still be clipped in to the hair in front of ponytails if I ever do decide to wear them that way!!

But they’re so much more versatile now, too!  You don’t need your hair in ponytails in order to wear them any more.

And with the brooch pin part, you can pin them on anything – like a brooch on your top, on either side of your socks (if you are like me and wear knee socks a lot), on a canvas bag or purse that you have, anywhere that you want to have pretty trailing ribbons!

Here’s a pic of me (first posted over in my other DIY post about making those elbow-length gloves) using them clipped on the gloves as well as one on the hat!

BonBonBunny Himegyaru Gloves

Yes, that’s a white one!  I was so excited when I found these in the store, I picked up both pink ones and white ones. o_o


They got the same two-way clip treatment~

I have been enjoying incorporating all of these into all kinds of cute outfits!!

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Saturday, April 18th, 2015   12:00 pm
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