Kawaii Blouses in Sweet Pastel Colors

Hello!! ^o^/  My roundup today features the Ebay store Little Chili Shop, which features tons of sweet, pastel clothes!  Today I will go over some blouses in several colors that will be versatile additions to your wardrobe!


Sweet Pastel Pink Blouse

This one is my favorite out of today’s selections!! *o*
The lace at the top, the sweet pink gingham – it’s just the cutest!


Sweet Pastel Blue Blouse

Mysteriously, in the preview photos, there is a big bow
front and center on this blouse, but it is missing in the singular
preview pics.  I honestly don’t know if you get the bow or not!

The color is cute either way, and I am a huge fan
of the ruffled sleeves.


Kawaii Sweet Baby Pastel Tank Top Dress

The nursery theme of this top (or dress) is so cute!!
Those illustrations look vintage!


Sweet Pastel Lavender Dress

This one features a cute chunky heart and open-shoulder sleeves!!
I like it a lot!!


Sweet Sheer Lace Blouse

This one doesn’t feature a pastel color as prominently as the others,
and it makes the floral fabric of its bow and buttons stand out!
I LOVE the sheer lace around the shoulders and collar!!

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Monday, June 1st, 2015   3:00 pm
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