Meganebu! Episodes Streaming Online – Full Season 1

Okay, there’s no getting around saying it – Meganebu! is crazy.  But it’s FUN crazy.  The brilliant colors and splashy patterns and designs bring pop art to mind – the corresponding TV Trope that comes to mind is Design Student’s Dream.

The “meganebu” itself is an after-school club for fans of glasses.  The members each have distinct personalities – it’s easy to pick a ‘favorite’ for yourself!  And they go on wacky adventures and misadventures together – there are a lot of cute male bonding & friendship scenes.  Things grow in tension when new characters from the student council are introduced as rivals.  At its climax, it might leave you a little tearful.  And if that fails, the very final scene with the club leader’s cute little brother definitely will.  Episode 3 is a surprising tearjerker as well.

What I’m saying is, this is the very definition of “you will laugh, you will cry.”

These are official, legal streams from Crunchyroll – watching them here helps support the anime industry!

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Friday, June 26th, 2015   3:00 pm
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