Kawaii Pretty Socks, Stockings, and OTK Socks

As I fill my wardrobe up with more and more skirts and shorts, I need to make sure that my legs and feet look cute too!

There is an unlimited quantity of adorable socks and stockings nowadays!!  I love the cover that OTK (over-the-knee) socks and stockings give, so I picked out a bunch of those here!


Ruffled Lace OTK Socks

When it comes to girly frills, socks with lace and ribbons at the top
cannot be beaten!  This is a universally cute look!
You can also just wear these under a longer skirt or dress
even if the ruffle isn’t visible.
You will still feel cute anyway!


Thigh-High Illusion Stockings – White

One of my favorite trends with stockings right now
is the nude or sheer color at the top of the stockings,
creating the illusion of OTK or thigh-high socks!
It feels like more coverage than wearing them alone would entail,
and they look very smooth and will never fall or roll down.


Sweet Soft Floral Sheer Socks

Okay, these are shorter socks than everything else featured here,
but I wanted to show how sheer fabric is used in regular socks
to add cuteness and interest, too!


Knit OTK Stocking Socks

These are modest and adorable,
and the cable knit texture creates a schoolgirlish look!
Very cute and comfortable, and extremely workable
with many, many outfits.


Cute Hello Kitty Stockings WITH PAW PRINTS!!

Okay, I cannot emphasize enough
how cute the paw prints on the bottom of these stockings are!
These are more illusion stockings – the top part of them is sheer!

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Friday, July 17th, 2015   3:00 pm
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