Lolita Skirts and JSK’s Now on Aliexpress!

As I’m sure you’ve discovered for yourself already, searching for “Lolita” in many marketplaces brings up many un-Lolita clothing items.  On Aliexpress in particular, the Lolita keyword often brings up the Candy Rain and other gyaru items that I feature frequently.

HOWEVER!!  One of the sellers in my Favorite Aliexpress Stores guide, PRO-G Deal, recently began listing ACTUAL Lolita skirts, and even a few JSK’s!!  Let’s look at some of them!


Pink Cinderella Lolita Skirt

Pink and white prints will always be so dear to me!
The print around the border of this skirt depicts Cinderella themes!


Magical Star Midnight Skyline Lolita Skirt

This just looks magical and pretty!
It’s snowing beautiful stars!


Thick Winter Solid Pink Lolita Skirt

The thick, fuzzy fabric of this skirt
looks like it will keep you happily warm in Winter!!
And ohhhhh my gosh I value warmth SOOO much!


Deer Forest Lolita Skirt

This looks mystical, like a magical wood that a fairy tale
would take place in, filled with tranquil deer~


Moe Anime Maid Girl Lolita Skirt

Okay, I will be the first person to admit that this is goofy as heck.
Generic moe anime maid girls are a bit removed from Lolita’s aesthetic.
But GOSH do I love cheesy.  I actually love this.
It’s stupid and wonderful and channels *my* inner moe maid wishes, LOL.

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Thursday, July 23rd, 2015   3:00 pm
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