Pretty & Cute Homey Items, Incense & More

Today’s selection of cute & sweet homeware items comes from TOPI Home!  Decorating your space sweetly is an integral part of your lifestyle and mood! ^o^

pink sakura japanese wind chime

Pink Sakura Hanging Wind Chime Bell

Every time I see these chimes in anime, I think they are so simple and elegant!
This bell is decorated with pink cherry blossoms, and the tag hanging underneath
is a wish for “Spring.” 😀

bunny incense holder

Cute Bunny Incense Holder

Incense holders are not complicated tools – you only need that little hole
at the top to place your incense stick in, so the base can really
be shaped or painted like anything~
These tiny bunnies are so simply sweet, they are a subtle way
to add cuteness to your incense enjoying. c:


Japanese Home Incense Fragrances

And any incense accessory purchase is not complete without the incense itself!
There are a ton of pleasant aromas here~
Hyacinth, lavender, lilac, green tea, jasmine, rose, lily~
Of course, I would go for the one that’s packaged in pink.

bunny keychain phone strap

Kawaii Round Bunny Keychain/Phone Strap

The ball chains on these kinds of toys mean they can be affixed to anything!
I usually loop accessories like this around the strap on my purse. c:

sakura petal chopstick holder

Pretty Pink Sakura Petal Chopstick Holder

These simple holders act as rests for you to place chopsticks on at the table.
But look at how pretty they are when you display a group of them together like this!

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