The Cutest Sprinkly, Sparkly Nail Polishes!

I was browsing for completely different stuff today, and found these completely cute sparkly nail polishes by mistake!  I LOVE THEM!  I’ve found that with these nail polishes that have glittery bits and spangles in them, you can wear just one or two coats for a light application, with the shapes widely spaced out, OR you can pile on more coats so that the hearts or sparkles or whatever completely cover your nail, which looks really cute too!!

Smoothie Nail pink hearts

Smoothie Nail Pink Hearts Nail Polish #Romance Soda

smoothie nail yellow sprinkles

Smoothie Nail Yellow Spangles Nail Polish #Tropical Kiwi

smoothie nail purple stars

Smoothie Nail Purple Stars Nail Polish #Kirameki Soda

smoothie nail blue sprinkles

Smoothie Nail Blue Spangles Nail Polish #Fresh Mint

Beauty Holo bubble sprinkles

Beauty Holo Bubble Sprinkles Nail Polish White

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Sunday, August 9th, 2015   3:00 pm
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