Cute & Pretty Dresses from Dream Vision!

I’m featuring Dream Vision/Yumetenbo again, because I found a lot of cute dresses that they were featuring! \(^o^)/

dream vision dresses (1)

Long Sleeve Fairy Tale Dress with Cape

Oh my gosh, this is the sweetest, most Red Riding Hood-like dress!!
This is for going on your own adventures through the woods in~

dream vision dresses (2)

Classic Gingham Flower Garden Picnic Dress

Soooo pretty!!
This looks like the kinds of dresses I’ve fallen in love with from Candy Rain!
Pink and soft blue is probably among my favorite color combinations.

dream vision dresses (3)

Pastel Chiffon Mermaid Dress

For the sweet mermaids out there!
You know what would be perfect with this?
These soft pastel mermaid shoes in the same colors!

dream vision dresses (4)

Blue Stripe Off-the-Shoulder Ruffle Dress

This looks a little nautical!

dream vision dresses (5)

White & Pink Floral Cocktail Dress

This looks ‘dressier’ than the other dresses featured here.
It would be classy and pretty for an agejo style!

Thursday, August 27th, 2015   3:00 pm
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