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October 2009

The main character from one of my most favoritest video games of all time, Rune Factory. He is entirely hand-sewn and his body and hair are made from felt, while his clothing is cotton fabric (among other odds and ends of materials).

I could probably never fully express how proud and happy I am with this plush.



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Monday, April 25th, 2011   1:46 am
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7 Responses to “Raguna”

  1. Amy Says:

    Hei i love how he looks x3 SOO CUTE !
    Can u show me how he is done ? I wanna try to make a plushie 2 =3 My first one ever ^^’XD

  2. Bridget Says:

    Thank you very much!! 😀 I had some tutorials to help me out. If you google the name “Babylondonstar” you will probably find the artist on DeviantArt who posts AMAZING PLUSHES and has a few tutorials explaining how she does it. c: I had a tutorial for crafting hair out of felt, but I don’t remember where it is. D: If you search for “plushie hair from felt” or some variation of that, maybe you can find it? @_@

  3. Heather Says:

    You did an awesome job! You’re very talented. ^_^

  4. April Says:

    This is amazing! Could I comission you to make one?

  5. Bridget Says:

    Aw man, I used to have character plush commissions open, and it was right after I made this guy. 😀 I closed them though because I got so scared of failing to replicate characters correctly and then disappointing the people who paid for them. ;-;

    But we can keep in touch (send me an e-mail or somthing o3o bridget@bonbonbunny.com ) and you can let me know what kind of character you have in mind and I shall consider doing it for you. ^o^

  6. April Says:

    I’d be interested in a Raguna plushie similar to this, I’d email you but I wouldn’t want to be a bother if you do not feel up to taking on the commission, honestly this seems like wonderful quality though!

  7. Kairi Says:

    This is sooo adorable! Do you sell more like him???