Cutesy Kiddie Jumpers for Fairy-kei or Everyday

Well, a lot of my clothing features are for elegant princess styles, but I have great admiration for cutesy juvenile styles as well!  These dresses and jumpers are for wearing when you feel ADORABLE!!


Neko-Eared Sailor Collar Pink (or Blue) Dress

A sweet, simple solid pink with white collar and trim!
Definitely easy to wear and make cute coordinates out of!


Sweet Ruffly Gingham Dress + Bloomers (Blue or Pink)

What wonderfully sweet ruffles!
I’d feel like going on dreamy adventures like Dorothy wearing this~


Simple Sweet Strawberry Gingham Sundress

The tiny strawberry detail in the corner is this dress’ charm point!
I like the simple, easy-to-wear straps.


Kawaii Nautical Sailor Collar Pink Striped Dress

I thought this was similar to the neko-eared one,
but they are actually quite different, aren’t they? ^^
The pink stripe details on the bow and other borders are so cute!!


Kawaii Cherry Print Red or Black Gingham Romper

This is sooo cute and playful!
Something about jumpers like this just look so cool
when a cool girl with a put-together outfit is wearing them.

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Saturday, September 5th, 2015   3:00 pm
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