Extremely Cute Pastel Sneakers + Bunny Dress Shoes for Being Cute Every Day

Today I was browsing for cute things to feature and found a new Aliexpress seller that I like: Meow Girl!  They have a wide selection of cutesy clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories, although you have to dig for it through anime stuff and dakimakura girls. n_n;  Anyway, I was surprised by their selection of awesome shoes!!!  Most of these are kawaii sneakers but then I also found some more dressy shoes with BUNNY MOTIFS!!!


Dream Vision Honey Bear Sweet Sneakers

I have seen these on DreamV’s store before and I fell in love with them!!
There are so many details of this that are cute –
the plush bear, the embroidered bee, the scalloped edges…
But ohmygosh, I love that the laces are that wide, sheer ribbon!


Pastel Heart Harajuku Sneakers

Awwwww yissss THIS is what I am talking about!!
Ideal for fairy-kei coodinates, chunky pastel sneakers are a must!!
This color combination is awesommmmme!


Little Twin Stars Pastel Sneakers

Oh my gosh these are so cute too!!!
Less bright and vibrant than the previous, this Little Twin Stars pair
is softer colors, in the sweetest cotton candy color scheme ever~


Dream Vision Bunny Motif Chunky Heel Shoes

I.  Love.  These.  So.  Much.  I NEED THEM!!!
They’re cutesy, yes, but also SO PRETTY???
A little bit elegant??  And can be worn with dressier coordinates??


Bunny Ear + Bow Flat Dress Shoes

I love these tooooooo!!
They appear to be a soft material, like suede.
And I appreciate cute shoes available as flats,
since I cannot go all the time wearing heels.
The bunny ears are just subtle enough to be cute but still a little classy!

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Monday, September 21st, 2015   3:00 pm
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