Cute & Pretty Barbie Playsets & Doll Houses

I think it’s been forever, but I used to cover toys and dolls like Barbie once in a while instead of clothes all the time. n_n  A ton of new Barbie stuff is available since a new movie just came out!!  Here are some really pretty playsets that I found recently that are filled with beautiful sculpted details and perfect pastel colors!

Cute & Pretty Barbie Playsets & Doll Houses (1)

Barbie Mariposa and The Fairy Princess Castle Playset with Mini-Dolls

The Barbie Mariposa movies are really sweet, I love fairies hehe. n_n
The sweet colors in this are my absolute faves!
Look at the awesome scallop-y sculpting in the table
and cool butterfly-backed chairs!

Cute & Pretty Barbie Playsets & Doll Houses (2)

Barbie Chelsea Doll and Clubhouse Playset

Chelsea’s playsets are smaller and sometimes cuter!
Omg she has a cute stuffed bunny!
And look at all of the sweet cupcake decor all around~
And… heeeeey… is that the exact same butterfly chandelier
that is also in the Mariposa castle?

Cute & Pretty Barbie Playsets & Doll Houses (3)

Barbie Splash and Slide Bath Playset

This is made with parts that are specifically OK for getting wet
in the bathtub or pool!
Mermaids are some of our favorite fantastical creatures,
and a pastel color scheme coated with glitter is perfect for them!
There is also a small wearable plastic tiara (at the top)
and pearl ring (in the clam shell above the swing)~

Cute & Pretty Barbie Playsets & Doll Houses (4)

Barbie Glam Getaway House

You really have to view the page for this one,
because there are soooo many cool little details in these rooms
and you must check them out in the zoomed-in photos!
This is a really cool little set of rooms.
Honestly I’d like to have a getaway place like this myself hehe~

Cute & Pretty Barbie Playsets & Doll Houses (5)

Barbie Shopping Mall Playset

There are such neat little stores here
and a really cool escalator!!
This would make a perfect backdrop for lots of play settings~

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