Cute (and kinda funky!) 3D-Embellished Socks

Haha oh my gosh check out these cool socks!!  Loliloli Shop for Lolita Princess just added them, and I knew immediately that they were going to be my next feature. n_n

cool funky 3d embellished socks (1)

Elegant Princess Rhinestone Charm Embellished Socks

This pair comes in a huge variety of soft colors~
The details are small, dainty rhinestones and charms!

cool funky 3d embellished socks (2)

Pom Pom + Ribbon Bow Embellished Socks

Pom pom puffs always look cute and Wintery to me!
With the right coord and color combination,
you can make these really cute!!

cool funky 3d embellished socks (3)

Pom Pom Stuffed Bear Embellished Socks

These SOCKS have SMALL BEARS on them!!
Definitely workable for a cuter coord –
and they’re in a ton of colors!

cool funky 3d embellished socks (4)

Pretty 3D Flower Embellished Ankle Socks

These are sooo pretty!
Now we are reaching the more elegant selections
for these novelty socks.  I think having bunches of flowers on things
makes them instantly garden fairy-like and beautiful!

cool funky 3d embellished socks (5)

3D Embellished Ankle Socks and Knee Socks/Legwarmers

The ones on the right actually have no toe to them
and so they can actually be worn like legwarmers!!
The shorter ones on the left come in a huge variety of different color combinations!

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Thursday, October 15th, 2015   3:00 pm
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