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February 2011

Yessir, I plushed my own art!! Frilly Bows is, I suppose, my “self-insert OC” in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic universe. (I would link to my original drawing of her but I don’t like it very much so this sentence is a placeholder until I upload the drawing that I like better.)

Hand-sewn from felt. Eyelashes, iris, and those white shiny highlights are embroidered on.

This was way fun. I just threw it all together in only a few days. Sculpting hair out of felt into those curls and swoops is, like, the most therapeutic thing. You just take your sheet of felt and freestyle with the scissors and in the end you get some fantastifabulous hair.

And I just happened to have some brown grosgrain ribbon in just the right width to actually put some real bows in her hair without just making fake-bows out of felt shapes.




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