Cuddly Kawaii Plushes!!

Biiiiig snuggly plushes like these are perfect for giving hugs to, or watching favorite movies with!!

Cuddly Kawaii Plushes!! (1)

San-X Sentimental Circus Elephant Plush

The cutesy patterns and pastel colors of this Sentimental Circus elephant
that I see all the time on stationery and things have given it a place in my heart~
It’s so perfect in plush form, where it’s sooo round and huggable!

Cuddly Kawaii Plushes!! (2)

Kawaii Piggy Stuffed Animal Plush

Is this another San-X character??
I may have seen it before but I don’t know~
This cute plush piggy is shown wearing a lot of different outfits
and accessories – this listing is a blind bag where the one you get is random!

Cuddly Kawaii Plushes!! (3)

Aristocats Marie 41cm Stuffed Animal Plush

Marie is a hugely popular character among girls and young women right now!!
She’s cute and endearing already, but there’s the added comfort
of being cool and trendy when you are sporting Marie goods now, too.
This plush of her looks cuddly soft!!

Cuddly Kawaii Plushes!! (4)

Kawaii Owl Hugging Hand Warming Plush

This BIG, ROUND owl has cozy little pockets
for slipping your hands into to keep your fingers warm!!!
It’s huge, too!! :O

Cuddly Kawaii Plushes!! (5)

Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma Plush Crossbody Bag Coin Purse

This cute crossbody bag looks like it’s hugging you!! nn
I am always happy seen options to get Korilakkuma things,
because I think that Korilakkuma’s pink ears are cuter~

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