Witchy Winter Elegant Style

There’s something really woodsy and elegant about these clothes from Artka!  Can princesses be woodland witches at the same time?  I think if you dress like this then you will be on your way to achieving that!

Witchy Winter Elegant Style (1)

Art Skirt Dress

Wow, what beautiful art work on this skirt!!
And it looks super comfy to wear with spaghetti straps~

Witchy Winter Elegant Style (2)

Rusty Red Long-Sleeve Flowing Dress

This is so pretty!!  I love how much gathered fabric is around the skirt.
It looks like it buttons up the front!

Witchy Winter Elegant Style (3)

Plaid and Brown Corduroy Blouse

I don’t know if this counts as a peasant-style blouse or not,
but I loove peasant-style blouses!
I’m also really distracted by all the pretty decorations braided into the model’s hair.
I wanna do that to my hair lol.

Witchy Winter Elegant Style (4)

Black Belted Skirt with Lantern Sleeves

Look at all of those cool geometric details in the skirt!!
This is super dark and dramatic~

Witchy Winter Elegant Style (5)

Red Embroidered Bell-Shaped Coat

Oh so pretty!!
It looks so cozy and warm!!

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Sunday, January 17th, 2016   3:00 pm
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